ESC Adriatic has launched its integrated package, called “Promote Your Activity in the New Energy Market” to help its partner, energy companies or expert freelancers, to get full advantage of the potential of liberalized energy market. Through a professional approach, built on the profile of each specific case, this platform will help its partners to reveal their potential and promote renewable energy tools and services in the sustainable development.

The energy market nowadays is at the beginning of a revolution that will change completely how we produce and consume energy! This increasingly attract interest from local and foreign companies to an integrated support package ranging from market research, transfer skills, promotion activities, as well as institutional representation and integration within the national and international public authorities and regulators.

Following the above, ESC Adriatic package includes, among other, the opportunity to promote the essential aspects of business organization and development, the expression of interest in partner search, open auction, staff recruitment procedures, etc. Disclosure activities that come directly through the platform and the related social media, which are finding more and more interest among Albanian and foreign companies and experts related to the energy sector.

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