Energy Markets

Incumbent upon any decision-making regarding energy-related factors, one must consider the plethora of energy markets, how they operate, and how each can impact the decision-making process. Energy markets are one of the most heavily regulated areas of business, are all very highly developed, and are subject to their own set of common practices and traditions.

ESC Adriatic network member has worked for decades in energy markets across the EU and globally and has acquired through deep experience a thorough understanding of how those energy markets operate and how they may impact the economic sistem. Those energy markets include, among others:

Commodities Markets


Natural Gas

Oil & Products

Wholesale and Retail

Natural Gas Storage

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Trade

Export/Import Commerce and Regulations

Financial Markets




Market Clearing Pricing




Over-The-Counter Bilateral Trading

Intercontinental Exchange and Others

Electric Regional Transmission Organizations

Locational Marginal Pricing

Operation of the Bulk Power System

Ancillary Services

Congestion Pricing

Electric Demand Response

Interstate Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines (Including Hubs and Zones)

Electric and Natural Gas Capacity Markets, etc.

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