Deep Analytical Skills

The market analyse requires a great deal of empirical data, in guiding decisions management of energy issues. It is very important that these analytics are done in a highly competent and professional manner that can be reported on with a degree of sophistication that is commensurate with the magnitude of the issue.

Only a network as ESC Adriatic, can offer those deep analytical skills that can ground the decision-making on an accurate and granular level, include, among others:

Breakdowns of Historic, Current, and Projected Energy Usage

Sensitivity Analyses

Definition of Realistic Options

Energy Conversion Calculations

Capital and Operating Cost Integration and Amortization

Pro Forma Projections and Scenario Analyses

General Project Economics Including Conventional, Renewable, and Grid-Based Technologies

Sophisticated and Defensible Damage Calculations

Value of Hedging Strategies and Derivative Positions

Oil and Gas Royalty Evaluation

Marginal Cost Analysis, etc.

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