Business Practices

An entity that is conducting business in the energy sector has a number of requirements that it must meet in order to stay in good standing, analyse potential decisions, understand the marketplace, and navigate the fluid business and regulatory arena.

ESC Adriatic network member has been involved as advisors to energy-related businesses for decades and accumulated experience that allows to very cost-effectively and accurately perform tasks that otherwise might not be performed in an optimal manner.

ESC Adriatic network business processes skills include, among others:

Drafting of Business Plans and Budgeting

Conducting Feasibility Studies

Performing Pro Forma Projections

Contract Evaluation and Negotiation

Grant Writing

Detailing of Financing Options

Understanding of Trading and Hedging Strategies

Public-Private Partnerships

Electronic Information Sharing Networks

The Effects of Globalization and Currency Risk

Strategic Analyses within Subsectors of the Energy Sector

Current and Projected Market Sizing

Optimal Business Structures for Energy-Related Enterprises

Business Law

Patents and Intellectual Property

Training, etc.

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