Solar advice: The price alone is not everything, 2/2/18

Currently, crystalline panels can be had for about 50 cents to one euro per watt. But do not look only on the price. Quality, warranty conditions and after sales service are important, too. Be realistic!

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Quality is more important than a low price.

The price for solar panels have fallen significantly in recent years. Products from Southeast Asia and Taiwan are the cheapest, panels from Korea and Japan are most expensive. Products of European manufacture are somewhere in the middle, price-wise.

The same is true for thin-film solar panels. By the time a PV array is fully mounted and installed on your roof, you should expect to pay between 850 to 1,300 euros per kilowatt, including power electronics and taxes.

Read the small prints in sales contract

But low price alone is not everything. Be realistic in your calculations: How long will the panels and the installation produce the expected output? What certificates are there and what is the warranty like? Is it to be expected that the manufacturer will go bankrupt anytime soon and you will then be left alone with any damages? What service is available locally? Most answers for these questions you can find in the small prints of the sales contract. (HCN/HS)

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