Parliament ready to pave the way for the construction of Vlora Airport

The Parliamentary Commission of Production Activities has given its authorization to the government to open negotiations for the construction of Vlora Airport.

In his speech at the Commission, the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri stressed that the companies involved are serious and that contract expected to be signed will be based on correct grounds.

Gjiknuri added that the construction of this airport is a private financing worth 100 million euros, adding that it is a necessity for the market, and in addition it is expected to create some 1000 new jobs.

“The airport will bring a remarkable development potential not only for the Novosela area, but also for the Vlora municipality, Fier municipality, because we know that an estimated economic chain around the airport is being built and this is measurable. It creates jobs, not just at the construction stage, but I am convinced that an airport of this magnitude, and here we are talking about an investment of around 100m euros, will create in this area about 1 thousand new permanent jobs.”

Gjiknuri added that despite the fact that the investment is private, there are financial implications such as expropriations but the government is willing to take on the fiscal risk of a work that will give a lot to the Albanian economy.

“In this Project, we will undertake a minimal fiscal risk as in any other concessionary project, so every infrastructure project has a risk, but in this case the risk will be minimal, the investment is entirely private.”

Parliament is expected to pave the way for the construction of the Vlora Airport on Thursday, which is expected to be built in the area of ​​Akernia.


Source: Parliament ready to pave the way for the construction of Vlora Airport

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