SMA founds subsidiary for digital energy solutions, 1/20/18

SMA has founded a new subsidiary for digital energy solutions: Coneva GmbH, which is headquartered in Munich. The company offers companies such as public utilities, housing associations and telecommunication companies White Label solutions for energy management and the integration of end customers into the energy market.
SMA has founded a new subsidiary for digital energy solutions: Coneva GmbH, which is headquartered in Munich.


SMA has founded a new subsidiary for digital energy solutions: Coneva GmbH, which is headquartered in Munich.

Another business field includes a range of energy monitoring, control and management solutions for commercial enterprises and public institutions, helping them considerably save on energy costs.

The energy supply industry is undergoing a fundamental change and becoming increasingly decentralized and digital. More and more companies and end users are leveraging the cost advantages of renewable energies and producing their own electricity cost-effectively. In this environment, traditional business models of public utilities are becoming increasingly obsolete, and new competitors are entering the market and providing energy prosumers with innovative solutions for the efficient use and marketing of their self-generated electricity. Traditional utilities can retain a foothold in this market only by offering their customers dedicated solutions for the new energy world. And it is precisely these solutions that Coneva GmbH develops for them.

Digitalization with attractive business opportunities

“Digitalization of the energy supply offers many attractive business opportunities,” said SMA CEO Pierre-Pascal Urbon. “Against this background, the evolution of SMA over the coming years into an energy service provider is one of our key strategic goals. The founding of Coneva GmbH is an important milestone along this road. This will allow us to tap into new markets and customer groups with an energy service platform, an ecosystem comprising the IoT platform for energy management ennexOS, a range of innovative services and partners from the energy industry. This all is possible thanks to the many years of experience and the unparalleled expertise of SMA in all areas of cross-sector energy management.”

The heart of Coneva GmbH’s business model is holistic energy management across all sectors—from generators such as photovoltaics and wind turbine systems, through loads such as lighting, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, cooling, to storage and e-mobility, as well as the matching of supply and demand via the ennexOS platform developed by SMA.

Focus on public utilities, housing sector, supermarkets, hotel chains and OEMs

“Digitalization of the energy supply offers completely new opportunities and possibilities for areas such as public utilities, the housing sector, supermarkets, hotel chains and OEMs,” said Coneva general manager Jochen Schneider. “We are really excited to have the opportunity to help our customers leverage this potential with our experienced team of specialists. Our White Label solution approach combines the appropriate hardware and software with a range of relevant services to create comprehensive solution packages. Numerous startups are entering the energy services market in particular and many of them have little experience either on the market or with this technology. For us, it is thus a huge advantage that we can build on SMA’s many years of expertise, sophisticated technology and data, while also being able to act as a dynamic, standalone unit completely independent of the parent company. On top of that, SMA’s financial strength gives our customers that all-important security.”

At E-World energy & water from February 6 to 8 in Essen, Coneva GmbH will be showcasing its solutions. (HCN)

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