Solar advice: Do not mix and match! 1/19/18

Technically speaking, there should not be much to do wrong with a solar generator: solar panels, DC cables, inverter, connection to the electrics of the house and to the power grid. At least it would seem that way to an amateur. But it is a bit more tricky. Especially, if a storage unit is included – the most expensive part of the acquisition.


For home storage systems use prefab boxes with all components inside.

That is why the installation of solar generators and storage units is always left to the experts. But many technicians think so highly of themselves that they will assemble systems from components by different manufacturers: the solar panels from one manufacturer, the inverter from another and the batteries from a third.

Do not walk on thin ice!

In doing so, however, they are walking on thin ice, legally speaking, because not all systems are compatible under all conditions.

And the warranty for individual components becomes void, if they are combined with others that they are not compatible with. Such provisions can be found in the small print of the delivery contracts for the solar panels, inverters or solar batteries.

To be completely safe, it is best to get all technical components from the same manufacturer, in which case an overall warranty comes into effect because there is nothing the technician can get wrong or overlook. Praise be to the technician who is an enthusiastic tinkerer, but it is important to keep service to the customer and private pursuit separate. A proper system comes from a single manufacturer – and the same supplier. Mix and match has been and gone! (HS)

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Source: Solar advice: Do not mix and match!

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