Italian Cooperation funds Tirana’s Orbital Forest in 23 different areas, Scan 8th January 2018

Tirana Municipality and the Italian Cooperation in Albania signed a cooperation agreement for financing the entire Orbital Forest Project which aims to afforest some 23 different areas in the capital, extending the green spaces for the citizens of Tirana and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Mayor Veliaj stressed that thanks to this funding, Tirana will have 2 million new trees by 2030.

“I am very enthusiastic that with the help of Italian Cooperation we have just signed the funding for the entire Orbital Forest project, which will produce concrete results in the 23 areas of the project. That is why, after this signature comes into effect, I look forward to begin contracting all those who will work for the project and I believe that by 2030 we will have more trees in Tirana than we inherited when we took office in this town, which is exactly 2 million trees,” Veliaj said.

Italian Cooperation Director Nino Merolla emphasized that the implementation of this project will transform Tirana into a modern European city.

“We are very happy to be side by side with the Municipality of Tirana for the transformation of the city, a transformation that we all already notice. We are delighted that we will work together in the realization of this project, which will benefit to Tirana, to the municipality, to all citizens, and to transform Tirana into a modern, European city that will to be an example that will show how persistent work, good work is crucial in achieving high results. A compliment to the Mayor and all the municipal staff working for this aim,” Merolla said.

The Orbital Forest Project foresees the addition of greenery not only on the outskirts of the city but also within urban areas.

The Mayor invited citizens and various privately-owned and public institutions to join this initiative.


Source: Italian Cooperation funds Tirana’s Orbital Forest in 23 different areas

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