Gov’t receives application for HPP in Puka and photovoltaic park in Kanine, SCAN, 25 October 2017

Ran Energji has applied to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy for the construction of the Lumshtylla hydropower plant.

The production capacity of the hydro power plant for which this company has applied is up to 2 MWh and will be constructed in the river basin of Shtjella, near Shkozë village, Pukë Municipality.

This is a company with activity in designing, building and putting into operation, administration and maintenance of hydro power plants.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Energy continues to accept applications and expressions of interest for the construction of plants producing solar energy.

Gega & Maska has expressed interest in building a photovoltaic park with a production capacity of 2 MW.

The park is projected to be built in the Kaninë area of Vlora, which only a few days ago was declared a ‘protected area’. The proposal involves an investment of 1,680,588.80 Euros.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy is cooperating with EBRD to attract investors to develop renewable energy in Albania.

The latter will help increase security of energy supply through the use of all national resources.

Meanwhile the government pledged to pay the energy price difference offered by photovoltaic plants at the energy price on the stock exchange. The reference fee is set at 100 euros.

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