Energy policy a factor of power and economic growth, Dr. Lorenc Gordani, 22th October 2017

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Our energy system is on the brink of a revolution! Climate change imposes an increasingly binding constraint on the use of fossil fuels. Even, the fossil fuel-based energy has been such a powerful engine of growth, the above transition is an “golden” opportunity for a “green growth” through a development of new forms of economy that are self-resource efficient, oriented toward a proactive consume, clean and protective of the natural environment, etc.

Afford of such challenges by public authorities request a long sight looking integrated approach: the energy assets are long-lived, that makes necessary the start decarbonizing of the energy systems early! Anticipating a future carbon constraint is often cheaper than risking stranded assets early scrapped. Albania, with its high natural solar potential and need to new energy assets, have the opportunity to leapfrog to new more productive technologies straight away, as it is done with mobile telephony.

The actual “window“ open for new power generation needs to be addressed rapidly. In this moment the better solution that offered in practise came by distribute energy resources, where the netmetering regime could at least halt the continued growth of the imports of the CO2 from old coal central of region! As the cost of renewable energy technologies further declines, decarbonization of the entirely electricity systems becomes not just technically but also economically feasible. In any case, a clean energy transition bring a range of additional benefits for growth and development via innovation and improved energy security.

The early decarbonisation should not be obscured from the fact that the structural changes are politically difficult and associated with short-term adjustment costs. As it is true that significant gaps in knowledge remain, related to the better understanding of economic implications and identifies models that better combine climate policies. However, investments in PV not only reduces dependence on volatile atmospheric condition but also de-localize power generation from the north to the rest of the country. Moreover, in the Albanian context with large network losses, they offer an unrivalled competitive advantage if allocated for self-consume there where is the direct need of their uses.

However here in conclusion, referring to ones of its last studies on the cover of demand for power in Europe in the next decade, ENTSO-E’s consider “Generation not sole factor for Europe’s security of electricity supply: interconnection, flexibility & policy coordination are equally important”. In regard, the WB6 countries, have all together agreed lastly at Paris Summit on 4 July 2016 in the Western Balkan Sustainability Charter, to tap into their high potential for energy savings and renewable generation, through: improving of the governance for energy efficiency; implementing smart support measures improving sustainability of energy systems; fostering climate action and transparency of sustainable energy markets.

Then, as far as the sustainable development of energy sector is a topic that we are all concerned, our task today is to provide an enabling framework to make them happen in Albania. A framework made of course of the huge necessary investments in infrastructure but mostly also of a lot of “soft measures” that it is looking for the support of all of us to start working!

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