Call for consultancy services to fighting energy poverty in the Ionian Adriatic Macro-Region, Region/EU, 17th September 2017

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EU plan the fighting energy poverty in the Ionian Adriatic Macro-Region. The project’s scope is to provide a blueprint for making building renovations easier as well as increasing the energy share from renewables in the Ionian Adriatic macro-region. Energy efficiency options and a rising share of renewables are to be assessed at a regional level as a matter of structuring an efficient use of possible additional funding and financing in order to promote larger scale energy efficiency programs deployed by national, regional or local authorities.

The Project will be organized around a multidisciplinary group of nine (9) companies, Institutes, Organizations and Associations from 8 countries of the Ionian Adriatic macro-region (i.e. Greece, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro), with expertise in different energy sectors covering energy policy, energy efficiency technologies, building renovation and renewables, energy economics, funding mechanisms, regulation and policy implementation.

The Project will focus on seven (7) main tasks that are described below. The work programme of the Project will consist of three phases (I) Data Analysis and Assessment of previous EU funded projects, (II) Assessment of Innovative solutions, new funding tools and mechanisms and Policy Recommendation and (III) Awareness Raising. These three phases will be linked to specific Work Packages and Major Outcomes. One of the most critical deliverable of the project is to develop practical guidelines on investment concepts for fighting energy poverty.

Another key aspect of the Project is the raising among local communities of greater public awareness in favor of renewables and energy efficiency by making known the successful solutions and lessons learned in the demonstration projects. At the same time, the Project intends to propose certain measures for minimizing or eradicating completely energy poverty and environmental degradation and changes to the energy model that is currently used in most countries of the region through the use of successful energy efficiency policies.

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