Scorching heat forces Albania to import 80 percent of energy, Xinhua, 09 August 2017

TIRANA, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) – The high temperatures and prolonged draught in Albania has forced the Albanian energy corporation (KESH), the country’s main electricity producer, to import around 80 percent of energy consumed in the country, sources from KESH said Tuesday.

According to the company, energy consumption has seen high growth in the last weeks, mainly for air conditioning to cope with the heatwave that has gripped the country.

The scorching heat has also lowered the water level in Albania’s main cascade of Fierza in north of Albania as well as that in Drin river.

Considering that Albania is highly dependent on energy produced by hydroelectricity, the Albanian energy corporation and other energy operators here have been obliged to secure energy through imports.

KESH informed that for the month of August it had signed an energy import contract that would secure 434,000 megawatt hours of electricity with a total value of 30 million euros (35.2 million U.S. dollars).

The company is also expected to seek financial support from the government given that the draught is expected to continue.

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