Increasing interest for photovoltaic parks: Hydro Valbona wants to build one in Topoja, SCAN, 01rst  July 2017

There is an increasing interest of Albanian enterprises for building photovoltaic parks throughout the country.

Solar energy has received a lot of attention as the government decided to target energy production from alternative sources in order to reduce Albania’s dependence on hydropower, which currently accounts for almost 100% of its production.

The Ministry of Energy and Industry reports that the company Hidro Valbona has expressed interest for the construction of a 2 MW photovoltaic park in the western part of the village of Topoje, Fier.

The company with experience in the field of electricity generation and sale mainly from hydro power plants is seeking to invest an estimated 2.4 million euros.

The project will be extended to a total area of 20,000 square meters in the vicinity of the village of Topoja.

In case of approval of the project, the construction and operation of this photovoltaic park will be entirely at the expense of the interested company, while the Albanian state will support this initiative by setting a minimum price for the purchase of energy.

According to research findings on the creation of support for solar and wind energy, this price for 2017 would be 100 euros per MWh, and would drop to 50 euros per MWh by 2050.

Only after the adoption of this scheme, at least MEI have achieved at least 6 expressions of interest to build photovoltaic parks, as they are even more appropriate than wind power generation in the case of our country.

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