Italian Minister of Economic Development signs WB6 memorandum on creating a regional electricity market, ECS, 12 July 2017

On the occasion of the Western Balkan 6 Summit on 12 July in Trieste, H.E. Carlo Calenda, Minister of Economic Development of Italy, signed the WB6 Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Electricity Market Development. This is the first time that the MoU was signed by an EU Member State at ministerial level.

Mister Calendo said: “What we have signed today is a significant achievement in supporting this initiative for the market coupling among the EU and the WB6. We hope that also other Ministries of EU neighbouring Member States will soon join an initiative which will bring many benefits to the energy market in this region and will facilitate market integration”.

Director Kopač commented: “I warmly welcome today’s signature of the memorandum by the Italian Minister of Economic Development. Italy is the frontrunner from EU side in terms of market coupling with the Western Balkans. In September 2016, the Italian national energy regulator was the first EU stakeholder to sign the MoU. Today’s signature will contribute to the success of market coupling and balancing in the region, and should set an example for ministries from other neighbouring EU Member States as well. In concrete terms, it will help to facilitate market coupling of Italy with the Western Balkans as one of the key steps towards cross-border trade through the submarine cable between Italy and Montenegro.

The MoU was originally signed by the WB6 members of the Energy Community in April 2016. Since then, it has evolved into a common platform of cooperation between WB6 and EU Member States on coupling their day-ahead and balancing markets. The Italian Ministry of Economic Development is the thirteenth EU stakeholders to join the initiative.

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