Stock Exchange in Albania – AMF licenses ALSE, the first private owned stock exchange, SCAN, 03 Korrik 2017

The Governing Board of the Financial Supervisory Authority licensed its first private stock exchange in Albania “Albanian Securities Exchange – ALSE” on Monday.

This is one of the most important developments in the history of the non-bank financial market in Albania. ALSE is the first stock exchange that comes as a private entrepreneur initiative and with a clear project to be functional and successful.

“SCAN” will provide more details about the first private stock exchange, as the decision will be officially published by the Financial Supervisory Authority in the coming days.

In recent years we have been registering many indications that there is a potential supply and demand for stock market instruments in the financial market.

Credit tightening during the crisis period has increased the need for the provision of financing with alternative instruments. Already, there are some private companies that are applying debt-repayment bonds, such as bonds or trade receipts.

On the other hand, the market requires alternatives with higher returns on investment, given that the stimulating monetary policy that is prevailing across the European economy has reduced the interest rates of deposits and government securities to historical minimums.

In the absence of a stock exchange, many individuals have invested in online stock exchanges, working with intermediaries that have not always been reliable.

The opening of the first private stock exchange will finally fill the gap of a capital market in the Albanian economy.

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