OSHEE buys energy at 52.7 euro/mwh to meet July needs, SCAN, 28th June 2017

The Electricity Distribution Operator has announced the winning bids of companies which were offered at auction for the latest power purchase.

The distribution company asked for the period 1 to 31 July to buy in the unregulated market some 260 400 megawatts of power to meet the demand for domestic consumption, while adding to the amount the additional supply generated by the KESH (AEC) under the agreement that operators have among them.

Around 14.8 million euros were spent for power purchase only in July, which automatically leads to a price per megawatt / hour at 57.2 euros.

OSHEE has already requested to import a limited amount that would meet the requirements for the last days of June, leading to the total amount spent for import to 16.3 million euro.

Seven companies showed interest for the bid. OSHEE reached an agreement with six of them for the supply of five companies in June and July.

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