The Ministry of Energy and Industry has opened a competition for two new hydropower concessions. The tender involves Bushtrica 1 and Bushtrica 2 HPPs and the term of the concessions will be 35 years.

The first hydropower plant will be in the river basin segment of Bushtrica River from the quota of 380 meters above the sea level to the quota of 498 meters above the sea level. While the second HPP will be from a quota of 503 meters above the sea level to a quota of 678 meters above the sea level.

The Ministry has not defined an amount for the concessions, but it has specified the criteria that will be considered for the winning company, where the main component is held by installed power. Bids must be submitted no later than May 31, 2017, at the offices of the Ministry of Energy and Industry.

These two concessions are not something new for the public. In 2007, Berisha Government approved a bonus of 9.5 percentage points for the unsolicited proposal by the company “2A Power”. But since that time, this procedure was haunted by problems and only now the race has been opened anew to strike a new deal with interested companies.

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