Report on hydropower development projects in the Balkans, Vostock Capital, 19 April 2017

The Vostock Capital, in framework of its work in the development of global hydropower role, release its report on hydropower development projects in the Balkans. A report in which the ACERC participate actively with its comments, knowledge and expertise, as certainly.

This report provides the analysis of key industry challenges and an overview of the most promising projects for the energy industry development with special focus on countries of the Balkan Peninsula.

The results of the study, it is hope, will help to efficiently estimate the risks and opportunities of the sector, as well as provide the companies with competitive edge in the context of dynamic market.

The Balkans is the region with the largest untapped hydropower potential in Europe. Its theoretical hydropower potential is estimated at 80000 GW/h, which is majorly concentrated in the highlands of Albania and Montenegro. The 100% of all electricity in Albania is generated by hydropower facilities, 41% – in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 31% – in Montenegro, and 30% – in Serbia.

The most promising hydropower projects and other industry issues will be discussed within the summit Hydropower Balkans 2017 to be held on 15-17 November 2017 in Montenegro.


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