The ways to achieve a better integration of flexible demand – network management and energy market objectives


Why this Conference:

As the economy expands and energy needs increase, there is a need to preserve options for better generation facilities. Here the significant steps towards the development of Demand Response should be considered.

As energy efficiency goals increase globally, integrated demand-side management is being driven by regulatory pressure. Demand Response has already gained the policy support in Europe. Proposed efforts to provide opportunity for new technologies, such as storage and demand response hamper consumer participation and encourage investments into flexible energy generation.

Participation of active consumers and their interactions with producers in the energy system are crucial factors in order to make the electricity system more flexible.

New demand on our energy system are mean than enhanced capabilities are essential. In order to meet new challenges, DR programs should be used as a fundamental part of the state’s energy planning and strategy.

Key Topics:

  • Market Drivers and Market Barriers
  • Winter Package and its impact on future energy markets
  • Openness for Demand Response and for independent aggregates
  • Regulatory incentives to facilitate markets
  • Significant changes in the market design
  • How retail and wholesale markets are linked?
  • The business case analysis
  • Transparent flexibility and harmonization of roles
  • Demand Response aggregator implementation models
  • RES integration and consumer protection
  • Demand Response and Storage Technologies
  • Data driven Demand Response


Sonja Berlijn Senior Vice President R&D Statnett Norway
Petr Štulc Vice Chairman of the Board, Director for Products and Markets ČEZ ESCO, a.s. Czech Republic
Ferreira Pinto Director Dispatching Distribution Network EDP Distribuição – Energia, S.A. Portugal
Stephan Sharma Managing Director Verbund Trading GmbH Austria
Alastair Martin Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Flexitricity UK



  • Demand-side management (DSM) vendors
  • Utilities
  • Energy management hardware and software providers
  • Thermostat vendors
  • Utilities
  • Regulators
  • Investor community
  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
  • Generators
  • Utility Companies
  • Electricity Producers
  • Aggregator Companies
  • Power Trading Companies
  • Power Exchanges
  • Regulators
  • Consultancies, Solution Provider companies and Cable Companies

Why you need to attend?

  • Meet with senior representatives from the leading Energy providers, TSOs and DSOs
  • Network with delegations from the EU Commission, ENTSO-E, Energy producers, TSOs, and DSOs
  • Attend the interactive roundtables and an expert panel discussion to be a part of the lively discussions and debates
  • Identify INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES within the energy industry
  • Be a part of the sessions and find out more about current and future projects from the companies operating in the region

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