90% of Foreign Investments in Albania concentrated in just three sectors, published by Scan 4 January 2017

Over 90% of foreign investments in the third quarter of the year were concentrated in three sectors of the economy.

According to data from the Bank of Albania, the energy sector dominated the quarterly inflow of foreign investments, mainly thanks to the TAP pipeline.

Energy investments amounted to 193 million euro or about 65% of the quarterly investment flow.

Two other sectors that brought significant investment flows were the financial and extractive industries, with about 40 million euro each.

Taken together, these branches brought 274 million euro or 92% of the total value of foreign direct investment.

The breakdown of these investments in general terms is not very difficult: the companies investing large amounts in Albania are TAP, Statkraft, Bankers Petroleum, as well as foreign banking groups applying capital growth in their Albanian banks.

Foreign direct investments are maintaining high levels, but it is still a fact that they remain concentrated in few sectors, even in a few enterprises, at a time when Albania lacks for years important new projects.


Source: 90% of Foreign Investments in Albania concentrated in just three sectors

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