small hydro power project hydro power project small hydro power energy law and policy february 24 2018

This section is dedicated to our closest associate experts. In addition to those presented here, the here platform is built from a wide network of people (and companies) across all the areas of know-how in the energy sector. 

This approach puts in a very good position to be able to accurately identify and guide all needs, having a specific high-caliber expertise, in a distinctly effective manner.

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Vasco Cardoso

CEO Green World’s

Senior Professional Electrical Engineering, formation in energy efficiency, management, auditing and monitoring, in Portugal, Spain, France, Morocco and Cape Verde, with 10 years of experience.

CEO of Portuguese based companies Green World Lda, Wisebuy Lda and Engegreen Lda, director of graduate courses in energy efficiency, energy management and maintenance of electrical systems and professor in Lusófona University (Lisbon, Portugal), vice-president of the general assembly of Pólo Tecnológico of Sines, Portugal.

Skills in top-management, engineering, sales, project planning and team management. Experience in international consultancy projects, efficiency studies and sustainable solutions implementation both public and private sectors, feasibility studies, renewable energies, sustainable lighting solutions, georeferencing, industrial maintenance and sustainable tourism.


small hydro power project hydro power project small hydro power energy law and policy february 24 2018


Adv. Lorenc Gordani, PhD

Law Adviser in the Energy Market

Main professional activities areas covers the legal strategic expertise, the applied research and capacity building in EU and Albania Energy Law and Policy for industry and interest groups, international institution, and public authority, with particular focus on the market design and related policy issues, concerning the promotion of a sustainable integration of energy market in the Western Balkans.

Academic education and qualification have taken place entirely in Italy, Germany, France, etc. Following of which it has worked as researcher, professor and trainer at national and international level and engaged as legal advisor and a consultant of international and local public authorities and companies. Activities accompanied with a publication of large extensively bibliography on EU and Albania law implementation particularly on energy law and policy field.

For more find at the Official Website of Acerc | Lorenc Gordani in LinkedIn.



André Luiz Vasconcelos

Profissional Sênior em Engenharia,

Mestrando em Engenharia Civil

Senior Professional Civil Engineering, master’s student in Civil Engineering, a graduate degree in business management and Marketing, with 29 years of experience, working in service and investments, project management, projects, supplies, shopping and budgeting, planning and contracting with clients and subcontractors.

Skills in physical and financial monitoring of projects and projects of large, medium and small, public and private sectors, including analysis of justification and merit of “claims”, field surveys, and plant suppliers. Monitoring of factory and field tests. Focused on quality, safety, environment and social responsibility.

Experience in analysis and monitoring of risk activities and their evaluations. Controls on reviews and merits of scope changes. Monitoring Contracts and Projects of the Committee for the Planning, Procurement, Logistics, control, field surveys, Factory and Field Testing, Verification and Monitoring Physical Financial Contract Activities.



Dr Raffaele Iannuzzi

Consultant, Journalist, and Writer

Company Raffaele Iannuzzi

Dr Raffaele Iannuzzi, born in Grosseto, 51 years old, hold a degree in Philosophy at University of Pisa (1990) and a specialization in crisis management. His work has been mostly focused on the relationship between the market and public institutions, a subject creating a space for a career in strategic consultancy in Rome (2004-2011). This activity has found a development also in an intense production as journalist and analyst.

Author of different books and a large amount of reports and writings about geopolitical issues, as well, he has been cultural consultant of the Minister of Culture (2008-2011). During his career, he has oftentimes coped troubles and issues related to national interest and he has nurtured his resilience and willingness to listen and learn from others. These skills have permitted to him to stay on the ground of domains not originally embodied in his cursus studiorum.


african development bank improve the governance for energy ppp center of excellence governance for energy efficiency april 13 2018


David Baxter

International Development Practitioner and PPP Navigator – Infrastructre, Procurement and Resiliency Strategist

David is a native of South Africa and currently resides in the United States. He is an Economic Geographer (spatial- and macro- economist) by training and has worked in the international development arena for over 25 years. He is also currently a Senior Advisor to the International PPP Resilience Center (IPPPRC) in New Orleans which is an affiliated organization of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).  In addition to his work at the International Resilience Center he is also a freelance international development and PPP consultant.

When he was the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Private Partnerships (IP3) his responsibilities included business capture planning and leading teams that provided capacity building programs and infrastructure consulting services to over 40 international clients and business partners.  Current and past clients and partners are located in Africa, North and Central America America, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.  Many of his client projects were sponsored by development/donor agencies including USAID, MCC, ADB, the Dutch Foreign Ministry, the African Development Bank, and the World Bank.

He has lead alliance-building initiatives with institutions around the world that have included the UNECE PPP Center of Excellence in Geneva, the African Development Bank, the PPP Center of Excellence in Istanbul Turkey, the Monterrey Institute in Mexico, the World Bank and the African Development Bank. He has also served as a PPP advisor to the USACE, the World Bank, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other government and institutional organizations.


february 24 2018 24 2018 february 24 energy environment vladimir mamalyga


Ing. Vladimir Mamalyga

Director & Owner of “Electrical Mekhanics”

Vladimir Mamalyga is among many other engagements the Director of Private company “Electrical Mechanics”, Executive Director of All-Ukrainian public organization “Energy Auditors & Energy managers Supreme Council of Ukraine” and Professor of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

He has a strong expertise in Energy & environment management; Energy & environment audit; Project management; Business Planning (design and calculation of economic and technical aspects of investment projects); Management of self-financial organization; Scientific research and practice in energy saving and mufti-motor electric drive systems; Public relations (including articles in central Ukrainian magazines & TV); Teaching.

For more find the full Curriculum Vitae.


small hydro power project hydro power project small hydro power energy law and policy february 24 2018


Gerard McNulty, B.A.I.

CEng Fellow Inst. Engineers of Ireland

He is a highly qualified engineer with over 36 years’ expertise in the field of energy and energy efficiency. He holds a B.A degree-Mathematical and Computer Sciences and B.A.I degree-(Hons) Engineering Sciences from Trinity College Dublin.

With 20 years experience in renewable energy systems, have worked on projects across the world, including Ireland, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Malawi, Vietnam, Bahamas, and including the former CIS countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Along his career has been part of leading international teams for the UNDP, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Green Energy Fund, and EU Energy Directorate as thematic energy specialist, alongside numerous private sector clients.

For more find the full Curriculum Vitae.

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