Energy Regulation

Energy issues have been and will always be dominated by regulatory considerations. While many believe that other business sectors are very heavily regulated, for instance the financial and medical sectors, there is no doubt that the energy sector is among the most regulated of all business sectors. Energy regulation is pervasive and deeply affects the outcome of any energy-related decision; a full and comprehensive understanding of how regulation will affect the outcome is of paramount importance.

A network as ESC Adriatic, energy regulatory skills include, among others:

Deep Insight Concerning of all Local, State, and Regional-Related Regulations

A Full Understanding of How Regulations are Promulgated Through the Rulemaking Process

A Knowledge of How Regulations are Administered by Government Agencies

Application and Maintenance of Permits and Certifications

Regulatory Reporting Requirements and Compliance

Utility Tariff Analyses

Regulation of the Bulk Power System

Greenhouse Gas Analytics and Requirements

Market Power Analyses

Regulation of Energy Derivatives

Regulatory Advocacy, etc.

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