ESC Adriatic is a professional network of experts and companies interested in the energy services market in Albania. This initiative was taken at the beginning of 2017 by a group of highly qualified professionals and some organisation and companies such as ACERC, Tirana Solar Energy, Energy Word Magazine, EuroElektra, etc., today in a strong extension following the best practices on similar forms of networks in regional and European level.

ESC Adriatic aims to extend continuously its involvement in the energy sector, in particular with regard to renewable resources. Believing strongly in the sustainable development of the energy sector, we are determined to continue support all the initiatives on a low emission economy form the promotion of renewable energy policies to the deployment of facilities.

We believe that only a regional well network-connected platform can offer all the skills needed to handle the above challenges energy issues. In specific terms, only the above provides a possibility at any time adaptation of the team to address the different issues raise by everyday practise. An approach that ensures resource planning and direct partner involvement throughout the process and the following outcomes, offering the best to meet the most ambitious requirements of complex project.

The underlying belief is that the combination of these objectives will deepen the implementation of renewable energy production, bringing an environmental benefit and boosting long-term economic competition. A process that is in line with the achieve of the highest values of economic development, growth and efficiency, the implementation of technological innovation, proactive approach, commitment to leadership, environmental benefit, transparency, high social ethics e responsibility, etc.

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