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ESCo Adriatic is a professional network of experts, organizations and companies interested in the energy services market in Albania. This initiative, launched at the beginning of 2017, operating now as part of EuroElektra, is constantly in expanding with gathering a large number of partners (more specifically see in the pertinent section) following the most advanced forms of organization at regional and European level.

ESCo Adriatic aims to continuously advance its involvement in the energy sector, with particular attention to sustainable development. In this regard, we believe that only a well-connected network can provide the necessary support to address the complex problems in the energy sector. To this purpose, we are oriented to join forces with all the initiatives aimed at a low emission economy through the promotion of liberalization and innovation.

The final objective of the above is the combination of sustainable development in practice, through competitiveness and a long-term environmental approach. A process aimed to be satisfied through a better balance, in the pursuit of higher values ​​of personal development, greater efficiency, proactive approach, continuous commitment to leadership, transparency, high ethics and social responsibility.

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