FIAA launches second edition of White Book Albania 2017-2021

 white book albania 2017-2021 edition of white book albania white book white book albania book albania 2017-2021

February 1, 2018

Very recently, FIAA launched the second edition of the White Book Albania 2017-2021. The launching took place during the Yearly Ceremony FIAA holds at the beginning of each year. Unlike every year, this time the launching was organized in full cooperation with the Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneurship in Albania, a newly created institution in support of business. This event brought together a large part of the Foreign Business Community in Albania, representatives of the diplomatic bodies along with several representatives of the state institutions in the country.

White Book’s launching was among the most important events the foreign business community has organized. White Book is a Document, which is prepared by the Foreign Investors Association of Albania at the start of each Governing mandate of the Government of Albania. This Document gives an overview of the current situation of the legislative framework and addresses the most common issues faced and communicated by FIAA members in a number of fields such as corporate law, tax Law, Mining, Hydrocarbons and Energy laws as well as specific sectorial issues.  It also treats is deep a significant part of the existing legal framework with the main aim to removing unneeded barriers and make the business environment in Albania easier.

During her presentation, FIAA’s executive Director Ms. Jazoj introduced the White Book’s purpose, challenges forward, FIAA’s role along with the cooperation built among stakeholders.

In this White Book edition, Foreign Investors have addressed main issues and have presented the respective recommendations. Among others, foreign business appeals the Government for higher attention into speeding up the reform process in these crucial areas:

Macroeconomic Stability – Maintain macroeconomic and political stability, predictable business environment, transparent public decision-making process, supported by an accelerated progress of reforms and strong law enforcement, full and proper implementation of laws.

Administration Efficiency – Minimize bureaucracy and increase public administration’s efficiency.

Corruption – Fight against corruption and informality.

Legislative and Fiscal Framework – Improve and stabilize the fiscal and legal framework including the application of tax regulations, procedures and stop sudden or drastic law changes.

Consultation – Structure the dialogue with business by involving them during the early stages of legislation drafting process.

The White Book  Document will be a Working Guide with the Ministry for Protection of Entrepreneurship by using a new format of dialogue between Albanian Authorities and the Foreign Business Community and not only. The aim is the creation of Ad-Hoc Working Groups with Experts from both Public Administration and Business Representatives in order to define concrete measures and implement recommendations coming from the White Book.

Foreign Investors in Albania are confident that the Government and other stakeholders will find a fruitful communication which will give more support to a better business climate in Albania.

Source: FIAA launches second edition of White Book Albania 2017-2021

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