Latest WB6 electricity monitoring report shows stagnation 

electricity monitoring report shows stagnation wb6 electricity monitoring report shows wb6 electricity monitoring report latest wb6 electricity monitoring report electricity monitoring report

28 March 2018

The Secretariat’s WB6 report on electricity points to limited progress achieved by the Contracting Parties during the latest monitoring period despite the renewed interest in the implementation of regional solutions for day-ahead market processes and coupling. Further implementation of the connectivity reform measures largely depends on major institutional changes at the national level. Foremost, this includes finalising the unbundling of transmission and distribution system operators and appointing day-ahead market operators. The lack of progress is also notable with respect to wholesale and retail market opening.

Development during the reporting period was overshadowed by deviations in the ENTSO-E electricity system originating from the EMS/KOSTT dispute, the most serious obstacle to regional electricity market operation.

The Western Balkan 6 Electricity Monitoring Report is a deliverable under the project “Technical Assistance to Connectivity in the Western Balkans – Component 2: Regional Energy Market”, which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat.

Report: Energy Community Secretariat’s WB6 Electricity Monitoring Report, 03/2018

Source: Latest WB6 electricity monitoring report shows stagnation

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