Solar advice: Leave installing and maintenance to the experts! 1/29/18

The installation of the components and equipment should under any circumstances be executed by trained technicians. These technicians and planners are familiar with meteorological and regional circumstances and often have already fitted similar systems and buildings.


Solar battery installation: Never stop a winning team!

A crucial point: You can tell a good installation company – apart from their references – by the fact that beyond implementation and lightning protection, they also offer to take care of maintenance right from the start.

No liability, no insurance

Also, good installation companies strive to be on good terms with their suppliers. That can only be beneficial to solar customers. Very often it is impossible to get an insurance or liability for your solar or energy storage system, if it was not installed by trained and certified craftsmen. (HS)

Look at this:
Solar advice: Find out about return and recycling!

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Source: Solar advice: Leave installing and maintenance to the experts!

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