Solar advice: Put your insurance company to the test! 1/25/18

Solar installations and storage units are usually not covered by building insurance, because they are not part of the building structure. For that reason, it is important to take out specific insurance when buying a PV system and a solar battery.


Check your insurance partner whether you can trust him or not.

There is insurance for people (health, retirement, long-term care, accident, travel abroad, liability and life insurance), cars, household appliances as well as technical products and real estate. Actually, there is insurance for everything. For solar and energy storage systems, too. But what is a good policy for solar?

An all-risk policy

This should be an all-risk policy making reference to reduced yield of the solar generators and the capacity of the storage unit. In the event of damages, the insurance company needs to cover the costs (all costs: disassembly, transportation, reassembly etc.), even if liability has not yet been established.

A test call to their hotline

Put your insurance company to the test before you sign anything. Make a test call to their customer hotline. Invite your local insurance agent for coffee and ask him all your questions.

Come to your own conclusions: Are your insurance partners trustworthy? Good insurance companies ally themselves with installation companies by certifying those of high quality, often in collaboration with the TUV. (HS)

Look at this:
Solar advice: Run through what can go wrong!

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