Solar advice: Hold the importer liable!

Occasionally, solar panels or batteries are imported from Asia to be sold to European customers. It is important for the customer to know that the importer is automatically included in the product liability of the Asian supplier, even if they made no alterations to the products.


Asian or American companies ship their products to Europe in order to sell it by certified importers.

So take a very close look at how solid the importer is. To them should apply the same kind of requirements as to the company installing the system in your house. Never sign a contract in a foreign language.

The importer has to be a company which has a good reputation in your country. Otherwise the liaison would be very risky. And some day you try to get some Chinese expert to the phone – in case of after sales complaints.

Make sure all provisions of the warranty are explained to you in detail!

There are warranties that go beyond product liabilities and manufacturer’s and importer’s warranties proscribed by law. These are a manufacturer’s promises concerning certain features of their products.

For instance, manufacturer of solar panels will promise that they will only lose so-and-so much of their efficiency within a certain period. Or a supplier of storage units will guaranty that the battery will last for a certain number of (full) charging cycles.

Shipping back around the globe

With batteries, a certain loss in storage capacity over the years is normal and is protected by warranties. In this context it is important to consider how much sense such promises make. Can they even be verified using the normal testing equipment of electricians?

Otherwise it can be very hard and expensive to unmount the defect modules from the roof and ship it back to the importer or – even worse – to the Asian manufacturer. (HS)

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Source: Solar advice: Hold the importer liable!

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