Solar advice: Run through what can go wrong! 1/24/18

Warranties are there to encourage sales, not to protect the customers. At least one might be lead to suspect that if one reads the small print of many manufacturers’ warranty conditions. Consumers’ offices have already issued cease-and-desist statements in some cases!


Check the possibilities carefully!

That is why it is important to run through any scenarios of what would happen in case of any claims. Assuming a solar panel’s output decreases or the battery runs out of steam: What use is it to anyone if the solar panels have to be sent back to the manufacturer to be tested and – maybe – repaired?

Who pays for unmount the modules?

Who pays for taking the panels off the roof, for getting them properly packed to be shipped (on pallets in case they are dropped or impacted) and shipping them back to the factory (to Asia? To the US?)? Who pays for putting the repaired panels back up on the roof?

Dangerous goods in your house

With storage units things become even more complicated: Lithium batteries count as dangerous goods, it is illegal to just send them by courier service. Only the installing companies and the manufacturers are allowed to transport them.

That is why it is only fair for manufacturers of systems and components to step up to the plate. If the technician discovers using his normal testing equipment that the panels, the inverter or the battery fall short of expectations, these components need to be exchanged and replaced immediately.

Replacement within 24 hours!

Otherwise, the system produces less electricity and the customer will lose out. Our advice: Faulty inverters and solar batteries have to be exchanged for replacement devices within 24 hours – unconditionally! (HS)

Look at this:
Solar advice: Hold the importer liable!

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Source: Solar advice: Run through what can go wrong!

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