Netherlands allocates €147 million in fiscal incentives for enterprises investing in solar and renewables, source by PV Magazine

The Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) is a fiscal measure that offers the possibility for an additional allowance on taxable profit.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has announced that it has allocated €147 million in fiscal incentives for enterprises adopting clean energy solutions in the frame of the Energy Investment Allowance (Energie Investeringaftrek – EIA) program.

Under the scheme, which is managed by the Dutch Ministry of Economy and Finance, companies make investments in energy efficient technologies and renewable energy can pay a lower income/corporation tax. The deduction rate of the program for this year is 54.5%, while the net EIA benefit is usually around 13.5% of the investment costs.

Applications for the EIA can be made for the cost of purchasing energy-efficient equipment and renewable energy. The list of the technologies that are entitled to have access to the scheme is updated every year. Regarding PV technology, fiscal incentives are granted only to PV systems exceeding 25 kW in size for a maximum amount of €750 per kW installed.

When it was launched in 1997, the EIA program had an annual budget of only €20 million. In 2017, the RVO allocated €176 million for the program, considerably up from €144 million in 2016 and €107 million in 2015.

Source: Netherlands allocates €147 million in fiscal incentives for enterprises investing in solar and renewables

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