Dutch company secures concession of Tirana waste treatment, SCAN, 29 August 2017

Integrated Energy is the company that has secured the concession for the construction of the landfill, incinerator and rehabilitation of depositing spots in Tirana.

The Dutch company will invest 128.2 million euros of its own funds to modernize waste treatment across the district of Tirana.

This money will finance the construction of three new landfills, one for urban waste, another for inert and the third landfill will be for storing and processing hazardous waste.

In return, the Dutch company will be paid by the municipality at a fee of 29 euros per ton of waste that it processes.

The concession of the construction of the landfill, incinerator and rehabilitation of existing landfills came as an unrequited offer by the company Integrated Energy in June this year.

The concession has been granted to this company for 30 years.

The decision was announced by the Ministry of Environment on the official website of the Procurement Agency.

Meanwhile, it is announced that the plant will start work in 2019.

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