Albania: “TAP investments are visible, especially along the pipeline’s communities” by Stephanie Roker/World Pipelines, Thursday, 31 August 2017

In a ceremony organised on 29 August 2017 at the Ministry of Interior, Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP AG) delivered 600 personal backpack fire extinguishers and 100 fire-retardant uniforms to the Albanian authorities. This equipment will enable emergency services to cope with wildfire situations across the country, especially in areas along the Trans Adriatic pipeline (TAP) route.

Albania: “TAP investments are visible, especially along the pipeline’s communities”

In co-operation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Ministry of Interior and the Civil Emergency Services, TAP AG managed to provide the fire extinguishers and uniforms within a short period of time. This equipment will enable firefighters to be more efficient in their fight against wildfires, as well as reduce the risks of heat exposure. The backpack fire extinguishers and the fire-retardant uniforms will be delivered to emergency services across Albania.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Civil Emergency Services, firefighters, State Police, Armed Forces, Forest Service etc.

Country Manager for TAP AG Albania, Shkëlqim Bozgo, said: “Everyone working for TAP, just like any other Albanian citizen, is very concerned about wildfires, which have destroyed large forest areas, and, in some cases, have even put human lives in danger. In line with our agreement with the Albanian Government, which includes a social component, we did not hesitate to give our contribution for solving this situation. TAP AG staff was fully engaged for a quick provision of the required equipment, and within two weeks we managed to deliver all the fire extinguishers and fire-retardant uniforms.”

The Deputy Minister of Interior Works, Stefan Çipa, expressed his gratitude to TAP for its prompt reaction on this emergency: “We thank TAP AG for answering positively to our request and delivering what was promised in a very short time. We are confident that the co-operation with TAP will continue in the future.”

The General Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Koli Bele, acknowledged the positive cooperation between TAP AG and the Albanian Government: “This is a good example of TAP AG’s social and environmental investments as part of the agreement with the Albanian Government. I am convinced that in the future, TAP investments will be very visible, especially along the pipeline’s communities.”

Taking into consideration the high risk of fires during the summer season, TAP AG, in co-ordination with the Ministry of Energy and Industry, and the Ministry of Interior, will provide, in a second stage, fire engines and ambulances that can access mountainous areas.

A long-term investment in Albania, TAP AG is committed to building sustainable and long-term partnerships with local stakeholders. TAP AG has, in the past, provided aid for overcoming several emergency situations in Albania. During the harsh winter of 2016 – 2017, which locked down many villages, TAP AG assisted more than 1300 households by providing food packages and blankets.

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