Amount of indicative copper concession in Albanian, Dr. Lorenc Gordani, 8 July 2017

Albanian Ministry of Energy has call an invitation for expressions of interest from domestic and foreign investors to invest in the copper extraction and processing industry.

The amount of indicative resources (forecasts) is over 17.5 million tons of copper mineral. Geologist researchers also provide a range of possible resources for mineralized objects and displays that are fixed and documented but no necessary works related to exploration have been carried out to return them to sources.

Mining sources in use

– Munelle Deposite

– Lak-Roshi Deposite

These deposits have begun to be mined from 2005 to 2015 by a concessionary company “Beralb” ltd, which has received with mining licenses and other deposits to mine the ore and supply the beneficiation plants for production of copper concentrate.

Deposite data for mining

– Deposites of Tuç; Qaf-Bari; Paluce; Fushe-Arrez (Puka region)

– Karme Deposite (Shkodra region)

These Deposites have been taken for mining by the concession company “Beralb” ltd

Currently, until 2016, two other companies such as “Tete-Tunel&Mining” ltd (Spaç source in Mirdita) and “Tirex” ltd, the source of the Bregut te Geshtenjes in the region of Korça have joined the copper industry as mining companies.

These two companies anticipate the production process up to the copper concentrations as well.

The average content of gold in these ore reserves ranges from 0.5 to 1 gr / ton, while silver content is 10 to 15 gallons of gold content. Copper minerals are sulphide naturally and have as an additional component gold, silver, selenium and so on.

Free mining areas

– Perlat Copper mine in (Mirdita)

– Derven Copper mine in (Mirdita)

– Thirre Copper mine in (Mirdita), etc

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