Albania: regional transmission project on the support of Res, Dr Lorenc Gordani, 22th July 2017

Western Balkans connectivity agenda, at the Trieste meetings, see the working closely together with the European Union (EU) and other International Financial Institutions, underscored a go beyond the physical infrastructure development with support on the promotion of the “soft connectivity agenda”.

The Summit is the fourth formal Western Balkans Summit after the initial session in Berlin in August 2014 and subsequent meetings in Vienna and Paris. In the context of greater Western Balkans regional economic integration, regard the energy sector, the IFI’s have been committed to supporting the Albania on the construction of Skavica HPP and the regional energy sector project on the transmission line with the TSO.

The KfW assistance in the energy sector, promoted by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in accordance with a German Parliament resolution, aim to offer a consulting services for establishing of a transmission system development and investment plan for the Albanian HV transmission system covering voltage levels from 110 kV to 400 kV.

The project comprises assessment of status and performance of the present transmission system. Load forecast for Albania and forecast of expected transit capacities for the horizons 2022, 2027 and 2032 as well as assessment of generation capacities in particular from renewable energy sources with focus on available wind power potential.

The study shall include a transmission tariff study for support to OST for application for transmission tariffs to the regulator to allow financing of network developments. The project shall support OST for improvement of network operation procedures, regarding scheduling of production including wind farms and development of contingency scenarios and related response procedures.

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