Draught forces Albania to import electricity, Published by Xinhua English, 23 June 2017

TIRANA, June 23 (Xinhua) – Albania’s Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) Friday announced it had launched procedures to import 285,000 megawatt of electricity for the period from June 28 to July 31.

“The energy import for this period is needed to make up for the loss of domestic output due to drought,” energy distribution operator said in a press release.

“The imported electricity will cover around 53 percent of the power consumption, whereas around 47 percent of the required electricity will be supplied by the domestic output,” OSHEE explained.

Data by the Albanian Power Corporation showed Friday that the water level in the main Fierza dam (north of Albania) had significantly dropped by 15 meters lower compared to the same period of the previous year.

Albania relies almost entirely on hydro power plant to produce electricity and Fierza dam on the Drin River is considered the backbone of the electricity generating system as it regulates the flow of water for two other major dams, Koman and Vau i Dejes.

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