Energy Ministry opens concession race for two HPPs in Lushnjë and Dibër, SCAN, 21th June 2017

The Ministry of Energy and Industry has continued the procedures for granting hydropower plants concessions.

The long and intensive list of these last months has been added two other projects for which the race was opened and bids are expected.

One of the hydropower plants is in Lushnja while the other is in Dibra Region. The first hydropower plant is that of Lusë and is expected to be built over the river bearing the same name and that is the branch on the upper part of the river Mat.

“The Lusë River Basin is located on the right side of the Mat River, and the exploited part includes the area from the point of the source to 500 meters above sea level. The list of Hydro Power Plants now contains even that of Thana. This hydro power plant is of the type near the dam and uses the waters of the Thana reservoir, which has already been built and put into use since many years. This reservoir, in turn, uses the waters of the Devoll River in order to be filled and fed with water,” reads a Ministry document.

Both of these hydropower plants will be public private partnerships with a right to be used for 35 years and the greatest part of the estimation is given to the installed power to be proposed.

Bids must be submitted by July 17th.

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