Albanian Ministry of Energy paves the way for 14 mining permits, Posted by Scan TV,  13th June 2017

The Ministry of Energy and Industry has declared 14 other mining areas for expression of interest from interested companies.

Interested businesses must submit their bids by the end of June, specifically at 27,28 and 29 June, specified for each mining area.

From the ministry’s press release it is noted that chrome is the mineral that prevails for the most part.

Below are the mining areas that have been declared open to expression of interst.

Gjocaj, in Elbasan; Katjel, in Elbasan; Qaf Shtamë, in Dibër; Rrajcë-Luqinë, in Elbasan; Vrith, Qarku Shkodër; Jugu i Hurdhës, in Dibër; Fusha Kalt, in Dibër; Përroi i Runës, Qafë  Kumbull, in Kukës; Krekez, in Vlorë; Poçem, in Fier; Mali i Frashnjetit, in Lezhë; Pashkashesh, in Tiranë; Faqja e Kaltit, in Dibër;  Përroi i Sefallit, in Kukës.

During May, the ministry announced for interest 14 additional mining areas for which the interested businesses could compete.

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