RENEXPO® BiH: The biggest trade fair with conferences about renewable energy in Sarajevo

4th international trade fair and conferences RENEXPO® BiH will take place in the congress center Hotell Hills in Sarajevo, on 8th and 9th of November 2017. Sarajevo will once again be in the focus of worlds scientific and industrial society.

Western Balkan region is looking forward to explore its full potential when it comes to renewable energy sourcies, energy efficiency and new technologies. The great meeting point for all experts, decision makers, students, bussiness leaders and many more people interested in sustanaible future is RENEXPO® platform. For the past three years RENEXPO® was gathering people in order to solve common problems and find ways of improvement.

RENEXPO® BiH consists of exhibiton, conferences and other side program such as open forums, seminars, evening reception. RENEXPO® conferences every year attract more and more attention, because of the carefully chosen topics, which are related to most important issues on the market and obstacles with exploatation of renewable energy sourcies. This years topics are energy eficiency, waste water and water treatment, small hydropower conference, biomass conference and many more.

According to internal statistics of RENEXPO® BiH, it has been noticed increase of the companies that comes from water sector, which indicate growing interest for this huge hydropower potential in Western Balkan. Other than than, biomass and waste treatment are also in the focus of the trade fair.
RENEXPO® BiH, an outstanding international platform aims to find a way to overcome legal and operational obstalces in important sectors, such as industry, water sector, environment protection, public entrepreneurs etc.

This years conferences are:
4th International Small Hydropower BiH Conference
4th International Biomass in BiH Conference – Measures to improve usage of biomass in energy production and Cogeneration
2nd Solid Waste Management BiH Conference – Waste to Energy
1st Project Preparation in Water Infrastructure Workshop
2nd Sustainable Waste Water and Drinking Water Management in BiH Conference
4th International Energy Efficiency BiH Conference
3rd International Wind Power BiH Conference
1st ESCO & Energy Efficiency Workshop

RENEXPO® has a large network of friends and partners, and it is still growing. If you are interested in this event, use the early bird discount and be a part of the largest international trade fair with conferences in Western Balkan for special prizes!

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