Financial support to strengthen deployment of solar power in SEE, Dr Lorenc Gordani, 10th June 2017

On 09 June, the EBRD and the Energy Community Secretariat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding strengthening the organisations’ cooperation in the field of sustainable development with a focus on sustainable energy policy development in the Western Balkans, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

The agreement, signed in Vienna, also allows the two institutions to explore new opportunities for cooperation on broader sustainability issues, including climate change. Leveraging on their expertise, the two organisations will contribute to an enabling environment for sustainable investment and a smooth transition towards sustainable, low-carbon economies in south-eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.

The Secretariat and the EBRD are long-standing partners in initiating and implementing regional energy efficiency programmes in the Western Balkans. This agreement is an important step forward. It expands the scope of cooperation to new areas like action to combat climate change and it widens the geographical scope to the Black Sea region.

In previous the Albania’s Minister of Energy and Industry, Damian Gjiknuri and EBRD Head of Albania, Matteo Colangeli signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the goal to stimulate sound investments in solar power generation. The document will develop projects in Albania through an auction-based system, in accordance with international best practice. Implementation of the MoU’s roadmap will significantly increase the attractiveness of investments in solar power generation in the country and thus lessen Albania’s reliance on hydropower and energy imports.

The government and the EBRD will cooperate in developing and implementing a framework for the allocation, through a competitive bidding process for private investors in the building, owning and operating of solar power projects in Albania with a total combined capacity of 50-100 MW. The total of planned installations is for 800 megawatts of power within 2020. Already, the Energy Regulatory Authority has opened the procedure for the electricity purchase tariff from solar sources at 100 Euro / MW and that of the wind at 76 Euro / MW.

Increasing the use of renewable energy technologies is an important step towards a more sustainable development, which brings great benefits to the Albanian industry.  Solar energy can also be the strategic solution to reduce the dependence on imports, and improve not only the security of energy supply but also the country’s macroeconomic and political security. The new support auctioning schemes for renewable energy will add value in the energy sector and the domestic economy.

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