Albania Offers Concession for HPP Kalivaç over 100 MW, Dr Lorenc Gordani, 10th June 2017

Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry has published a tender for a 35-year concession/public private partnership of a hydropower plant (HPP) “Kalivaç” on the Vjosa river. The construction of the hydropower is one of the largest HPPs over the last 30 years, completed with a dam, that will take place thought contract type B.O.T (Construction – Operation – Transfer), near the village Kalivac, along the downstream of the River Vjosa, from the quota 113 m.a.s.l. up to the quota 73 m.a.s.l.

Currently, the electricity generation sector in Albania is 100% hydropower based. Accordingly, Albanian electricity sector stakeholders have considerable experience from their hydropower generation development and operations activities. However, apart from approximately 130 MW constructed in 7 medium-size HPPs during 2012-2015, in practice there were no major new power generation facilities constructed in Albania for more than 30 years.

The project of HPP seat at the Kalivac village, in southern Albania, and regard a project of power plant which is given in previous to the Italian company BEG that agreed to build a 108 MW hydropower plant in 1996, but failed to complete the project even over 20 years past.

The six criteria set for the operator interested to participate in a concession/public-private partnership procedure, based on the value of the Concessionaire “Fee” (given in % of the produced annual production), ecological and social impact, installed power determined with the calculating flow, time for the realization of the works, scheme of the connection of the plant with the power system, value of the existing works evaluated by the bidder.

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