Hydrographic network extension of the project hydropower plant Kalivaç, Dr. Lorenc Gordani, 27th May 2017

Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry has decided to implement the project on the hydropower plan “Kalivaç”. The selection of the winning bidder shall be made based upon an open competition procedure, according to the specified qualifying and evaluating criteria.

The Vjosa is the biggest river in South Albania and one of the most important rivers of the hydrographic network of Albania. The Vjosa River springs in Greece, in the mountains of Zmolenka and Ago of the range of mountains of Pindi. The watershed surface of this river outside the state territory of Albania is 2341 km2.

Before it enters into the Albanian territory, the Vjosa collects the waters of the Vjodomara from the left side of the downstream, and the ones of the Sarandoporo from the right. In this area, the river flows through a narrow valley.

After it enters in Albania, the valley of the Vjosa expands only in a short distance up to the joining point with the waters of the Çarçova stream. The valley of the river expands down the Dragoti River and the Vjosa joins the waters of the Drinoruver. The Vjosa flows into the Adriatic Sea in the north of Narta Lagoon.

The construction of the hydropower plant of the type with a dam, that will be constructed near the village Kalivac, along the downstream of the River Vjosa, from the quota 113 m.a.s.l. up to the quota 73 m.a.s.l. The duration of the Concessionary/PPP contract is 35 years from the moment it enters into force.

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