State oil company Albpetrol announced that it has issued an invitation for express of interest regarding the blocks that were taken over in January this year by the company TransAtlantic Albania.

The blocks in question are Gorisht-Kocul oilfield and Cakran Mollaj oilfield.

The list also contains the free search blocks in the Adriatic Sea and the blocks mentioned are oilfields 2, 3 and 4.

All interested investors must submit their applications at Albpetrol and the deadline for submission of this application is the date May 2, 2017.

Each application will be submitted in turn to the Ministry of Energy and Industry will be submitted to Albpetrol and a bid assessment will be made within 10 days.

“Any party interested in entering into a Petroleum Agreement with Albpetrol JSC for the abovementioned blocks and/or oilfields must file and officially submit via mail the Application Form and all the corresponding documents as specified in the Application Form,” writes the announcement.

The application should be separate for each of the blocks and not in group.

Earlier the Ministry of Energy and Industry announced that it would pursue a different policy regarding the oilfields.

Any interested investor may submit a request, while during the last three years the practice has been different, namely, NANR used to make announcements for individual oilfields.

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