Croatian PXs joins Western Balkan 6 market integration initiative, ECS, 02 March 2017

On 1 March, the Croatian Power Exchange, CROPEX, signed the WB6 Memorandum of Understanding on Regional Electricity Market Development and declared its willingness to participate in the day-ahead electricity market integration project. CROPEX will join the Programme Steering Committee on day-ahead market integration, whose task is to address all measures and steps needed for going-live of functioning day-ahead markets in and between the signatory countries. The aim is to establish coupling of national organised day-ahead markets with at least one neighbouring WB6 or EU country by July 2018.

Director Janez Kopač said: “I am delighted that CROPEX, as a highly experienced neighbouring power exchange, has made the decision to officially become part of the WB6 process. It’s the second EU stakeholder to do so after the Italian regulator. The WB6 MoU has once again proved to be the platform of choice for cooperation between WB6 countries and EU Member State stakeholders. Yesterday’s signature marks the first step towards future market coupling between Croatia and Contracting Parties. The countries stand to gain significant benefits from closer market integration. A truly integrated pan-European energy market can only function if the WB6 countries are integrated into the EU’s internal energy market.”

CROPEX Director, Silvio Brkić, underlined: “I am happy and proud that CROPEX as first EU power exchange signatory party to WB6 MoU has joined six Western Balkan countries of the Energy Community. Our signature represents confirmation of CROPEX continuous support to activities of Energy Community Secretariat as well as WB6 countries and stakeholders in their joint effort to establish and couple day ahead markets at regional and cross-border level with WB6 neighbouring EU power exchanges. We in CROPEX are looking very much forward to contributing with our expertise and experience in WB6 related steering bodies and working groups with aim to successfully accomplish at least one day ahead market coupling project with our WB6 neighbouring partners by July 2018.”

The MoU was originally signed by the WB6 members of the Energy Community in April 2016. However, ministries, transmission system operators, national regulatory authorities and power exchanges of neighbouring EU Member States are invited to participate in the process. The Italian energy regulator already joined the process in September 2016 and the Italian power exchange and electricity transmission system operator are also active in the process.

  WB6 Memorandum of Understanding
  Addendum signed by CROPEX

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